Kingdom Builders Global Women’s Ministry

KBGWM- Bold Impact

Kingdom Builders Global Women’s Ministry is an innovative Training Ministry that empowers women and teen girls, we are committed to raising Psychological Abuse Awareness. Our training brings major empowerment to the women as they discover their purpose, self-worth, and identity in Christ. We educate diverse ethnicities. As we cultivate their leadership skills, we train women and teen girls to build their lives from the inside out. Our holistic approach to empowerment builds their self-esteem and transforms their mind. This transformation encourages women and young teen girls to continue education and personal development in every facet of life. KBGWM makes a bold impact, we inspire women and young teen girls to become women of excellence, and leaders in their community.

Kingdom Builders Global Women’s Ministry Quarterly Workshops are held at different locations. 2021 Workshops TBD.

Empowerment Sessions:

  • Psychological Abuse Awareness
  • Build Self-Esteem Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Parenting Enrichment Skills
  • Spiritual Empowerment
  • Financial Literacy

Partner With Us: Help us build mentally strong women, teen girls, and healthy families