Sherene Pero

President and CEO

Sherene Pero is the President and CEO of Kingdom Builders Global Women’s Ministry. She worked many years in elementary education, then finally focused her career as an ESL- educator; teaching the English language to immigrant students from all over the world.  Sherene is also a Motivational Speaker, Marriage and Family Coach.  She trains women and teen girls holistically, how to build a strong family life by discovering their identity in Christ through biblical precepts and education. In addition, Sherene taught adult Bible classes for The Potter’s House Church of Dallas at The Potters Institute, under Bishop T.D. Jakes. Her passion is women’s empowerment, marriage, and family. She truly desires to see women and teen girls set free from generational cycles of psychological abuse and happily married. She helps women discover their purpose by cultivating an intimate relationship with Christ.
Mark Verkler


Mark Verkler (MSSW, LMFT) is a Christian counselor with a heart for working with the most difficult cases and God has uniquely gifted Mark to shepherd clients to healing. He commonly does intensive sessions and brings to it a vast resume rich with education and experience. Since 2003, He has been running his private practice Samaritan’s Well in Richardson, Texas. In addition to his regular practice, he makes himself available to clients needing acute or intensive work that requires additional attention for unmanageable and/or trauma situations. Mark has been married since 1987 to his wife Marie. They have four adult children.

Rosalind Ferguson


Rosalind Ferguson is a native Dallasite who spent life in the world of education, from the classroom to counseling to college register and then back to counseling. In the process, she earned the appropriate degrees from Bachelors of Science to Master of Education and various specialty certificates. Prior to counseling, she taught elementary grade levels 1-6. In the latter part of her career, she enjoyed working with middle and high school girls.  She became interested in the continuation of girls’ education as they experienced teen pregnancies, psychological abuse, and dysfunction in their family life. Working with KBGWM affords her the opportunity to impact the lives of teen girls and women.

Equasta White

Equasta White is a Managing Partner for Dallas, TX-based Music Management firm, The Clarion Group. She is also one of the partners of Clarion Music Publishing Group ( BMI).  She has been in the artist management/label services industry for over 5 years beginning her career working with brand refreshes, strategic planning music consulting, data analytics & metadata analysis, and offering label services alongside her husband and business partner, Daniel L.  White, Esq.  She also works in the radio servicing /radio promotions & marketing industry with Cincinnati-based, I Hear Music, Inc. 

Misty Debord


Misty is the treasurer for KBGWM. In the past, she has worked in sales for CVS Pharmacy and in retail stores. She is currently working in customer support at Kalkomey Enterprises. She has experience working with underprivileged girls at the YMCA. She is passionate about the mental health of girls and women, which is why she volunteers her time and talents to bring awareness to Psychological Abuse. As a survivor of domestic violence, she wants to give back to the community by helping KBGWM to eradicate the cycles of Psychological Abuse.

Dr. Tracey Brown

Dr. Tracey Brown is President/CEO of TRBZ Enterprises, a business consulting firm, and publishing company. Dr. Tracey has served as a seminar host and motivational speaker for several businesses and corporations around the world. She is the author of two best-selling books, SINGLE MOM, Ph.D., and EBB & FLOW: A 21-Day Meditational Guide to Help You Recover from a Broken Heart and Broken Relationships.